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January 11, 2022 3 min read

The beauty about Goros jewelry is that each and every one of our pieces has a striking personality of its own. The Goros rings are no exception. Each reflects not only a highly unique fashion statement, but also a cultural significance that honors both the Native Indian heritage as well as the highest quality Japanese craftsmanship.


Here are a few ways to style the rings from our Goro’s jewelry collection that promise to give your look all the glory and the grace they were created with.


Feathers And Fashion

Feathers have been all the fashion rage at many Fashion Weeks around the world for some time now—in both clothing and accessories. Goro’s founder Goro Takahashi was drawn to the feather all the way back to the 1960s when he became close with the Lakota Tribe of South Dakota. In the Native American culture, the feather symbolizes many qualities including honour, power, wisdom, trust and, of course: freedom.


The Goros Gold Tip Feather Ring With Metal Silver Gold Band is the brand’s classic and signature Goros feather motif jewelry staple. Keep this elegant and timeless piece of hardware on you everyday to evoke the feather’s ancestral positive vibes. Wear with a summery printed modern maxi dress for a touch of glamor, or let it be your focal piece against the backdrop of an illustrious vintage gown. Truth be told, this Goro's feather statement ring can be paired with any sartorial look from any age.


Our Goros Feather Ring With Gold Metal is an exceptionally beautiful heirloom piece that honors the Native Indian heritage and is best suited for formal wear. If denim and leather is more up your avenue, the Goros Silver Feather Ring adds a luster of laid back elegance to the everyday.


Artists And Their Accessories

The artist in you will love the Goros Flattened Silver and Blue Turquoise Ring. It’s ideal to wear with an artsy, flowy Bohemian style tunic for those days when you’re out antiquing or as an add-on to your airport style when you’re about to jet-set yourself into vacation mode. Goros Flattened Silver and Gold Rose Ring is also an artistic addition to any rock n’ roll wardrobe. The Guns n’ Roses fan in you needs this baby as part of your armor.


Trinkets For Your Travel Look

Planning on going to a beach far, far away? Look no further to “top up” your ensemble with the Goros Turquoise Cast Ring With Gold Rope. Not only will this baby pop up your resort wear, it will also make for a great conversation piece. We can’t promise that any of the seven seas you’re sailing on will be as dazzling in color as the turquoise glimmer from this gorgeous nugget.


Power Rings To Go With Power Suits

Show the boardroom you mean business with our Goros Cast Ring With 18K Gold. This stunner is stamped with the eagle motif to denote strength, stability, and calm in the presence of chaos. Wearing this beauty will give you a dignified air and resolute calmness so much so that superiors and subordinates will have to take note. Wear in the business world with flair but be prepared for the envious side-eyed glare.


If you’re looking for a more of a dimmed-down look for office style, try our Goros Flattened Ring In Silver and Gold: the eagle emblem is a touch more subdued but just as poignant.


A Little Wisdom For Your Wedding

Our beautiful eagle-motif Goros Feather Ring With Metal In Silver and Gold can be the perfect wedding band. Just like the eagle, a marriage symbolizes honesty, truth, trust, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power, and freedom—does it not? Let this ring from the Goros jewelry collection show the world the vision and values you and your betrothed hold sacred and dear.


To shop some more of our stellar Goros rings selection, feel as free as an eagle to visit our online boutique has a stunning and versatile collection of Goro's jewelry including more of Goro's feather pieces.

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