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January 11, 2022 3 min read

A set-up in jewelry design is a highly personal necklace that is unique and nuanced for the wearer. The set-up allows for exquisite add-ons when you want to wear more than one cultural symbol or amulet. Goro’s jewelry—which is made up of Native Indian symbols such as the feather and the eagle—has a range of stellar setups of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

The charm-like pieces intimately hang alongside the main pendant as a way to exude positive energy and carry a sense of spiritual protection.


But how do you style a Goros jewelry setup? Here are a number of ways to set up your own personal Goros style.


Let Silk And Satin Be The Perfect Setup

There are few fashion looks as timelessly stylish as a silk or satin blouse: either one of these can be suited for day or evening wear. Pairing a Goro’s setup against a solid silk-hued backdrop will step this look up a good couple of notches not to mention the fact that silk makes for an eye-catching background. Our favorite setup for this look is the Goros Gold Tip Leather (Left) XL Set-Up. This stunner offers a sharp contrast or accent to any silk hue you happen to choose. The Goros Feather With Silver Claw (Right) XL Set-Up is another highly sought piece of hardware that would look ideal paired with soft silk.


The Beauty Is In The Beads

Goros Gold Tip Feather (Left, XL) and Red Antique Beads Set-Up is a vision to look at. Pair this piece with an artsy-looking tunic blouse for a breathtaking Bohemian vibe, or with a fun tank top for a beachy look. Our Silver Top Feather (Left, XL) & Antique Red Beads Set-Up can also be dressed up or down and worn with a gold figure-hugging gown or—yes—a silver top. These bedazzling beads are a festive fashion accessory that you can hang from your neck any time of year.


Unearth Your Earthy Side

Let the Native Indian culture signature of the Goros setup bring you closer to earth. The Goros Gold Top Feather, Grass With 18K Gold, And Silver In Sun Metal Set-Up brings together the three mainstay motifs of the Goro's jewelry brand: the feather, the grass, and the sun metal. This Goro’s feather piece can be paired well with an earthy printed peasant blouse or printed dress. Also wear with the organic tones of khaki and denim to suit an understated ensemble. Also feel free to pair with a crisp cotton classic white shirt to execute a slightly edgy look.


Care To Be Classic

The Goros Metal Cross (L) Set-Up is a stunning cross-motif classic-looking design that can serve as a signature piece you wear with everything from a classic white tee on the run with errand after errand, or alternatively, wear with more trendy gear such as, well, anything Gucci.


The Crowning Touch

For an exceptionally cultural and regal look, one of our Goro’s feather heirloom designs, the Goros Eagle With Feather and Red Beads Set-Up is a showstopping adornment that will turn heads and then some. It’s no wonder that celebs have worn this piece: the strike of the sterling silver is ever-so-elegantly accented with crimson beads as though infusing lifeblood into the stoic and statuesque hardware. Wear this captivating piece with a strapless satin maxi dress or gown because this work of art has no problem holding its own.


Revel in a piece of Goro's story and culture: our online boutique has a stunning and versatile collection of Goro's jewelry complete with the Goros feather emblem. As a bonus, you can get 10% off your first two orders from —an authorized dealer of the Goros jewelry brand which is also run by the family—when you sign up for our email newsletter.