Our Services

Our Services

We have specialized in appraising and selling Goro's for over a decade, and continue to offer only authentic items to our customers by continuously perfecting  our Goro’s product appraisal skills. At Native Feather, we never stop acquiring new knowledge and gathering the latest information regarding Goro's appraisal, in order to provide the peace of mind that our customers deserve.

We only sell genuine Goro’s items

All Native Feather staff have been devoted to Goro’s for many years. Since we are an authorized dealer of the official Goro's store in Harajuku, all our items are new and authentic. Each order comes with our company's authenticity guarantee card.

We offer high-quality techniques and knowledge

Our staff at Native Feather love Goro’s. We continually refine our assembly  techniques to enhance the beauty of each Goro's piece. We try our best to understand our customers’ tastes and suggest the best ways to build complex, unique, setups that reflect their inner spirit. We believe that no other store can do this the way we do.

We offer the largest Goro’s inventory in the world

Native Feather has the largest Goro’s inventory on the market, as well as the largest customer base. From standard lineups to custom-made or even ultra-rare Goro’s items, we offer the widest selection.

We will guide you throughout your Goro’s journey, starting with your first purchase

Those who love goro’s will make each item a part of their lives for a very long time. And the Goro’s journey never ends. We strive to give you the best advice and service to help you attain what you want.