When it comes to pairing Goro's pieces, there are a few rules that everyone should keep in mind. Although it might seem relatively straightforward, finding the right balance and combination might not be as simple as you think. If you feel that your outfit is missing something, it could be because you have not utilized the power of accessories to add that special finishing touch. We have put together four pairings, that serve as a guide on the different ways you can style your Goro's Feather pieces in a harmonious manner.

1: Two Gold and Silver Feather Pendants

For a neutral and monochromatic palette, you ideally want to contrast with a bold and vibrant color, like gold. To complement the Goro's iconic feather with gold tip pendant, you can pair it with a gold top feather pendant. This creates a good balance between the silver and the gold.

With an all black fit, this Goro's pairing set is understated yet undeniably a statement of both style and rarity.

Gold Tip Feather - Facing Right


Cornered Chain with Wheel - Silver and Gold


2: Pairing Goro's Feathers with Rings and Bracelets

When wearing an all-black palette, cooler tone shades tend to match gracefully. Here we paired the red bead set with multiple silver and gold feather pendants, to complement the outfit. Seeing as the feathers are mostly silver with a touch of gold, pairing a bracelet in the same color is the way to go. The eagle emblem on the bracelet also thematically complements the feathers.

Since the look is already quite saturated, we suggest keeping the hand jewelry minimal, which is why we added only the feather and the flattened ring. These three hand accessories paired together round off the look, oozing edginess and elegance simultaneously.

Bracelet with Flattened Design - Silver and Gold


Cast Ring with 18K Gold


Flattened Ring - Silver and Gold


Oversized Gold Tip Feather with Gold claw - Facing Right


3: Turquoise Feather and Heart Wheel Feather

These two feathers - the turquoise feather and the heart wheel feather - are different in shape and size, yet they complement each other perfectly. The contrast between the sharpness of the heart wheel feather pendant and the presence of the turquoise certainly elevate any fit - be it casual or formal.

You can also add an additional metal pendant to give the look even more diversity with the roundness of the metal pendant to contrast the other two shapes. This creates a more holistic and balanced look that many prefer. Feel free to pair this set with some gold tones to create a sharper look and feel.

XL Turquoise Feather Gold Rope - Facing Right


Heart Wheel Feather - Silver and Gold


Cornered Chain with Wheel - Silver and Gold


4: Gold Eagle and Feather Pendants

We round off the list with a statement pairing: the golden eagle and three silver and gold feather pendants. This setup gives off such a powerful presence that it is sure to attract the attention of anyone around. This combo goes perfectly with formal wear, but also with casual fits as well.

When mixing and matching silver and gold, make sure to stick to two shades – one tone of gold and silver.

Oversized Gold Tip Feather with Gold Claw - Facing Left


Oversized Gold Tip Feather with Gold claw - Facing Right


Oversized Silver and Gold Feather with Metal - Facing Left


Cornered Chain with Wheel - Silver and Gold


The looks we selected are meant to spark your inner creativity. Have fun with how you style accessories and don’t let archaic rules restrict you from expressing an eclectic style.

Goro's accessories are multifaceted and intended to match each other, resulting in an array of versatile combinations.

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