Goro's Setup Service

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning goro’s items is the endless customization options.

Create your original setup

Goro’s is a special brand, because it offers hundreds of items that you can mix and match to create your own unique look. Every Goro's piece that you add to your collection will complement each other in various ways, creating different aesthetics to match every occasion. The more items you own, the more customization options you will have.

Native Feather is here to assist you at every step of your Goro’s journey.

What is Goro’s Setup?

A Goro's setup is basically an assembly of different pendants and chains and/or leather cords. One of the most unique and fulfilling aspects of owning Goro’s is the endless customization opportunities. Assemble your one-of-one necklace by combining a variety of Goro's pieces.


Countless Goro’s fans have used us to develop their necklace collection. Here are some inspirational ideas for a Goro’s necklace setup. Our setup service is free of charge. Talk to us in our store or online to discuss your Goro’s setup.

Style Guide

STEP 1. Select Main Pendant

Most customers start by selecting the main pendant. Many pick a feather as their first choice, but of course it's up to you. 

STEP 2. Select a Chain or Leather Cord

Chains or leather cords are your choices to build a necklace setup. Chains will require an Eagle Hook. Leather cords have a traditional look while chains provide a modern taste.

STEP 3. Style Your Chain

Once you select a chain for your necklace, you can choose to add a wheel to your hook. While an Eagle Hook is necessary for a necklace, wheels are optional and make the chain more stable. Both hooks and chains come in 18K gold and 925 silver.  

STEP 4. Extra Accessories

You can add charms to complete your setup. Popular charms include metals, wheels or additional pendants (e.g. another Feather).

Ongoing Customization

Customizing your Goro’s necklace is a never ending journey, and that's what's so enjoyable about it. Customers frequently come back to change or upgrade their necklace setup.

Get Creative

1. Adding K18 Gold SV Wheel to Feather Setup

2. Adding Metal Pendant to Cross Setup

Optional button

Upgrade Your Look

4. SV Metal to Gold Metal

5. SV Wheel to Gold Wheel

Native Feather Offers

Best Techniques

We are very particular about detail and handle items with extra care. We strive to achieve the best appearance, balance, and fit to ensure that your necklace setup stands out.

Best Inventory

We have the largest goro’s inventory in the world. We will find what you need to complete your dream setup.

Best Consultation

We are here to help you at every step of your Goro’s journey, starting from your very first purchase. We will advise you based on your personal needs and preferences, a full service catered just for you.

Best Knowledge

We have over a decade of knowledge related to Goro’s in Harajuku, where the Goro’s store is located. Feel free to ask us anything about Goro’s. We are the experts in our field.

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We buyback Goro’s items that you no longer need. You can use this service to purchase another piece to enhance your Goro’s collection. Please refer to our Buyback Service page for details.


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We issue a guarantee card for all items sold at Native Feather. Guarantee cards verify the authenticity of Goro’s items sold at Native Feather. Please refer to our Guarantee Card page for details.


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We have free global express shipping with full insurance coverage. We treasure each and every Goro’s item and ensure that they are handled with care. Please refer to our Shipping page for details.



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